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We've all been in the scenario when a stylist unexpectedly leaves. After we recover emotionally, we must swiftly take action in order to keep as many of the guests they served as possible. 

Even though it hurts, it doesn't have to impact your bottom line. Take it from us. We had a stylist who had been with us since beauty school, quit out of nowhere. We have to admit—we were completely blindsided. In an effort to provide an amazing salon culture, environment and opportunities, we were naive to think this could happen to us. Until it did.

And if that wasn't enough. Within one week we had another stylist quit. Were we about to have a walk out? Lord help us! 

Well, we did not have a walk out, but we did have a huge wake up call!

Immediately we communicated with every guest who had been to these stylists in the last year. It was NOT that we simply reached out. It was WHAT we offered them and how we created that message. You see, the message DOES matter because perception is reality. 

In our online class, we will share the importance of consistent communication with guests. How to craft the most impactful messages, and the tool we use to drive guests back to our salon. 

The best news is, in the midst of what felt like devastation, we had an increase in our revenue! We were as shocked as you are reading this. Our revenue has been on a steady include ever since. We now understand why--you'll learn all about it during our time together!

Later Event: January 7
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