Kati Whitledge is an entrepreneur, professional speaker, and author. Kati started three beauty industry businesses, wrote her first eBook, and has presented nationwide all before the age of thirty-five. You’d think she must have always been a go-getter, but that is not the case. The path to her current status has not been a steady, upward climb. She has experienced many dips and valleys throughout her journey, yet she’s never given up.

For those of you who know, Kati is a high-energy character! Her presentations are full of excitement and motivation, yet Kati is undeniably relatable. She is real, transparent, and willing to expose all facets of her life if it means inspiring you to become a better version of yourself. Kati wakes up every day to grow and develop herself, and it is her mission to empower you to do the same!

Kati is married to Anson, and they have one son--Nash.  And a furry “child”, Ellie, their cat. Anson’s personality is as opposite from Kati's as anyone could get, but Kati believes God doesn’t make mistakes. Anson is the perfect fit for her because he is gifted in every area she is not. They make a tremendous team!

For Kati, family goes beyond her marriage. She values each individual who works with and for her. She believes life is all about relationships. Kati thrives on establishing deep, meaningful relationships in any environment she’s a part of.

Kati enjoys all fitness avenues, such as weightlifting, cycling, dance, running, and yoga. She also loves music! Music plays a huge role in her workout performance. Does music move you as well? Kati also participates as a vocalist in her church’s worship band. She grew up singing in church, and especially enjoys rich gospel music!

Wish I would have heard Kati's presentation earlier in my career.  I bet it would have made a positive impact. ~Denise F.


Kati’s adventures in entrepreneurship have been entirely devoted to startup companies, specifically in the beauty industry. In 2010, she opened Be Inspired Salon, which is an upscale salon boutique located in Madison, Wisconsin. Kati grew her team of two into a team of over twenty and rising. During the growth stages of the salon business, Kati created a one-of-a-kind marketing tool called Meet Your Stylist. Meet Your Stylist is an exclusive survey that matches clients with hairstylists that are the best fit for them. Meet Your Stylist was such a success for Be Inspired Salon that Kati knew she had to share Meet Your Stylist with Salons across the U.S. While Meet Your Stylist is the very best tool for gaining new clientele, Kati wanted to fill in what she believes is the missing component, which is helping salons retain their clientele. Therefore, the birth of Beyond the Technique emerged. Kati believes that the key to substantial success lies beyond the technique. Beyond the Technique is custom education in which Kati empowers salon owners to better themselves, their team, and their salon. 


Kati hosts the Beyond The Technique podcast. You can join her and her many diverse guests on BeyondTheTechnique.com, iTunes, or GooglePlay. Kati started the podcast because there wasn't a platform such as this, offering business education to salon owners and professionals. She wanted to share what's she's learned and continues to learn. She loves that the podcast is making the world a smaller place. Kati wants to collaborate and equip beauty professionals with the topics that go beyond their time behind the chair. Listen to her episodes and hear what amazing advice you can receive for free! 


The adage is, "time flies when you’re having fun." When you attend or invite Kati to speak at your event, she will be as entertaining as she is informative. Kati has a brilliant way of getting to the depth of topics that will motivate you to take action, and inspire you to consistently grow and develop yourself. Kati has a passion for exposing the truth behind what may be holding you back. She’s no stranger to failure, yet she’s no stranger to success. Do you desire improvement in areas of your life such as your career, your business, your financial, physical, and/or spiritual well-being? Fabulous! Contact Kati to start the conversation about what topic(s) will make the biggest impact on your life and/or your business. 


Kati’s writing style is as real as she as is in person. She writes as if you are the only person she’s talking to. Her desire is to share experiences, revelations, and key ingredients to improving your life and your career. Though many of her topics are informative, she adds tremendous value by what she calls "keeping it real". Kati believes God has allowed her to have very eclectic experiences in life in order to be a phenomenal ambassador for Him, and someone who can relate to a variety of people with unique backgrounds. Kati believes we all have a thirst we want quenched, and that is to fulfill our life’s purpose! 

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The Secret to Keeping Your Goals


"I wake up every day to grow & develop. I will empower you to do the same."

-Kati Whitledge