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Salon Company Roles & Responsibilities

Learn the corporate structure for salon company roles & responsibilities! This exclusive class is for the salon owner who wants to be the Entrepreneur of their company without feeling a loss of control.

We are going to take you through EVERY SINGLE role title, role mission, role KPI (benchmarks), and the skills they need to have in order to be successful. We are going to share our EXACT list of each of their tasks & responsibilities!

Here are the positions we will cover:

  •  CEO (chief executive officer)

  •  GM (general manager)

  •  Director of Marketing

  •  Social Media Manager

  • Education Directors

  •  Hair Stylists

  •  Guest Services

  •  Bridal Coordinator

  •  Administration, Finance, & Operations Manager

This class is normally $397.00 per salon. Today we're giving it to you for $49 because we want MORE salons in our beloved community to have this information!

We've done all the work, so you don't have to! When you invest in this hour together, the ENTIRE guide is included! 

NOTE*** We are NOT going to post this class on YouTube later…this is an exclusive event for salons who value structure that helps them go from owner/manager to Entrepreneur.

Get registered today!