Success Starts with Self-Mastery | Intellectual

It is my opinion that success isn’t just tied to dollar signs. To achieve life success, I believe one must develop themselves. Today’s topic is devoted to the intellectual goal toward self-mastery. It starts with our desire for consistent growth and development. To be someone who loves to learn. If you’re always learning, you’re always moving towards a new level of excellence and therefore a new level of success.


As an Entrepreneur the challenge is self-discipline. We do not have a boss. We have no one looking over our shoulders. If we want to move a deadline, we can, and do…

We must set and meet our own expectations. We are accountable to ourselves. The first step towards achieving self-mastery success intellectually is choosing the right mindset. You must choose the attitude of, “I’m in need of advanced education. I need to learn more. I do not know it all. I desire a deeper level knowledge.”  The question is then, where will you begin your personal journey of building your intellect?


First, I believe reading is paramount. I once heard Dave Ramsey say that the only difference between who you are today and who you’ll be one year from now will depend entirely on the books you read and the people you meet. When is the last time you finished an entire book? I used to struggle with this! I would start a book and think that I understood the overall point, so I wouldn’t finish it. But there is something rewarding about finishing a book. And let’s be honest with ourselves…if you do not finish the book you are undoubtedly missing out.

What was tremendously helpful to my life was literally joining a book club. When I met with other professionals who had the same requirements, I was able to keep up. If I’m going to be completely honest (would you expect any different?) I really don’t like looking foolish so there were days I’d read for ninety minutes prior to our get-together to make sure I was up to date on our reading schedule. If there isn’t a book club you can join, then maybe you are the one who will start it!

If you’re perfectly capable of reading on your own, I’d recommend a daily and/or monthly goal. Maybe you read one chapter per day? Or two chapters per week? Or possibly twelve books per year? In an ideal world, what does this look like for you?

Audio & Visual

The audio and visual outlet is my personal favorite when I’m driving!  I’ll pull up YouTube, connect the Bluetooth to my car and off I go. Have you experienced Ted Talks?! One of my favorite Ted Talk is Simon Sinek’s presentation titled, Start With Why. Let’s not forget podcasts! Who has listened to the Beyond The Technique podcast with Kati Whitledge? Other great podcasts I would recommend are, This Is Your Life With Michael Hyatt, The Sales Evangelist with Donald C Kelly and Perpetual Traffic by Digital Marketer. If you happen to subscribe to Success Magazine, I highly recommend listening to the Success cd’s they offer with each month’s edition. I could go on and on but I’ll say this, what if you scheduled an hour per week to listen to, or watch a video? What if you scheduled two per week and starting taking notes about what you’ve learned and how you could apply that into your business? What kind of impact would this make in your life?

Live Events

One of my favorite educational outlets is investing in live events. This means you pay to attend advanced education on topics that improve your life and business. You could do this virtually through webinars or you could travel to an event which in my opinion, becomes an unforgettable experience. I believe when you pay for a workshop, seminar or conference, you’re more invested in what you take away from the event. It becomes your responsibility to learn. For me it’s almost a competitive challenge of how much I can take away from what they’re offering. My personal goal is to attend two major events per year. I’ve been to four destination events within the last seven months and I can attest that my life has dramatically improved. My marriage has been positively impacted, our personal financial picture has been defined with clear, long term goals. My businesses have progressed positively. And my professional relationships have not only increased, but they have deepened. Priceless! I’m so thankful for these events and the amazing opportunities they’ve provided. How many events will you attend this year? When will you have these scheduled by?

Hire A Coach

Lastly, an outlet that has been an ongoing investment which has been invaluable for me is hiring a business coach. Not only will a business coach keep you accountable to your goals. They will offer insight, education and resources that will increase your level of intelligence. Simply put, you don’t know what you don’t know! The right business coach is someone who genuinely wants to see you win. If they’re really good, they won’t be afraid to push you past your comfort zone.  The question isn’t if you should hire a business coach, the question is, when will you hire the coach? Are you delaying your potential? Are you fearful of what you could be missing out on? I was. Prior to hiring my business coach whom I’ve been working with now for three years, I was daunted by the price. However, I was more daunted by what it would cost me if I didn’t hire them. There will be a price to pay, it’s your choice which one. I believe if you hire a coach, you will be five steps ahead of ninety percent of your competitors. The right coach is ready and available. When will you finally decide to contact them?

Let's Connect

Until we connect again my friends, I want to thank you for your time and commitment to our topic today. You’re already on your way to mastering yourself or you wouldn’t be with me right now. If you’re a salon owner who desires additional education beyond the technique, please visit I would love for you to reach out and email me. Let’s get to know one another! If you have at least five employed Stylists on your team and your biggest needs are obtaining and retaining new clients. Please visit Meet Your Stylist is an exclusive online survey that will match your future clients to the Stylists are your Salon that is the best fit for them. Think of Meet Your Stylist as your number one referral source!

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Thank you for sticking with me until the end. Have an awesome day and stay strong!