What Have You Been Putting Off?

Think about this: What do you want to accomplish that you’ve been putting off? What have you been putting away on a shelf that deep down you really want or need for your life?

Maybe for you, it’s starting your own business, hiring a manager, or getting healthy. Or maybe it’s attending advanced education, which would require you to take a trip across the country and make a significant investment.

Why is it such a struggle to just do it?  

Would you agree that sometimes it’s a struggle to start or try something, because you’re afraid of the possible issues and/or outcome? You and I both know it doesn’t always work the way we want. But there is only so much planning you can do, and only so much control you can have.

You can’t predict the outcome! You already know that you can’t control tomorrow. The only thing you can control is this present moment, and how you respond to today. Sometimes you just need to take the leap.

And I think you’d also agree that if you do nothing, you will gain nothing. Action has to be taken. If you want something, you need to act on it. Stop overthinking it, and take those first steps.

What’s your goal? What’s that thing you keep thinking about?

My challenge for you is, just to do it. Get started. Write down two simple action steps that you can accomplish today. Think of two small things that will bring you a step closer to that elusive, big dream you’ve been imagining. Don’t let it slip away without putting everything you can into it. And remember, there are other people taking leaps like this each day. You're not alone. Just do it!